The model for Alice, Wendy, and a "Rude, Selfish, Uncouth, and Thoughtless" Teen.

Movie Teen magazine asks Kathryn Beaumont to model bad behavior.

In a wild dance, Kathryn kicks some poor guy in the shin and looks as if she could care less.

Kathryn - whose dance partner you may recognize as Bobby Driscoll, her vocal co-star in Walt Disney's "Peter Pan" -  is shown behaving badly again and again in a shocking (and totally fabricated) pictorial splashed across two pages of the July 1952 Movie Teen.


"Don't Be A Bad Actor," screams the headline, adding "...when you're in the audience."

Like the "date" Kathryn shared with Bobby in Movie Life magazine, the photo feature has been contrived for the fan audience.

The two teen stars were asked to simulate some of the more annoying movie-going habits of their peers for the Movie Teen photographer.

Photo captions appear in less-than-inspired doggerel:

Donít get frisky, full of jive and
Acrobatics, like a child,
In the crowded lobby. Kicks and
Bumpings make folks justly wild!

Dancing in the lobby? Was there really a lot of that going on? Is this a lesson teens need to learn?


Donít be so uncouth that you do not so much as shift your feet when someone is trying hard to pass you,
getting to a seat!


For some reason, the moviegoers have crowded into seats in the last three rows. There seem to be plenty of empty seats in front of them.

All of a sudden, here comes Barbara Stanwyck's stand-in, ready to hit poor Bobby with her pocketbook.

The movie's on, everybody's engrossed, and here's this late-comer spoiling for a fight. Hey, lady, find a seat somewhere else!


Donít think you
have special  right to
Break in lines before your turn.
Smarty-alecks who pull that
one make all decent people burn!

Maybe the pocketbook lady is trying to settle the score because she saw Bobby and Kathy "cutting the line" earlier.

But take a close look: the kids were just trying to get through to the real ticket holders queue.

The people seen here only think they're waiting to see a movie. They've  mistakenly lined up behind a hitchhiker (Lee J. Cobb's stand-in, far right).


Donít munch popcorn, rustle wrapping,
Or make chitchat with your beau.
Any noise is rude and selfish,
When folks want to hear the show.

Let's revisit the title of this article: "Don't Be A Bad Actor." Now let's look closely at the faces of the four 'theatergoers' behind Kathy and Bobby. Left to right, they are:
a) Looking into the camera,
b) grimacing at the screen,
c) trying to send the teens a message telepathically, and
d) whistling.


Donít keep on your hat or fuss with
Scarves and things right at the time
When the show is most exciting.
Tricks like that are just a crime!

Um, yes... but notice that no one's view has been obstructed.

Maybe the roof was leaking.


Donít be late and make like monkeys,
Over legs and laps to climb,
Ruining nylons and the fun of
All the folks who came on time!

First, let me get this straight. The two guys in this picture are wearing nylons?

Second, you Movie Teen hypocrites, have you forgotten your own advice? "Donít be so
uncouth that you do not so much as shift your feet
when someone is trying hard to pass you, getting to a seat!"


Donít get notions youíre a singer
When the star begins her song.
You may love to hum and warble,
But the crowd wonít stand it long!

Here's the text that ran with the pictures, in full:

"The thoughtless theatergoers are Kathryn Beaumont, the voice of ďAliceĒ in Walt Disneyís 'Alice in Wonderland,' and Bobby Driscoll, star of 'Treasure Island.' They will be 'Wendy' and 'Peter' in 'Peter Pan.' Ē

Singing in the theater, dancing in the lobby... does this constitute juvenile delinquency, that dread 1950's pandemic?


Donít take water from the fountain to your seats. Thereís reason for such a rule, as you will find when on someone a cup you pour!

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Woman's Reaction


Donít leap on him like a tiger if you chance to see a star.
Tearing clothes and limb from limb just
Proves what silly fans you are!

Collectors will recognize this classic 2-person autograph request/positive celebrity identification maneuver: Kathy gets the autograph as Bobby confirms celebrity status by noting the maker of the star's tie.

Brooks Brothers was later able to corroborate that the wearer was Charles Farrell of "My Little Margie" TV fame.

  So, run down to your newsstand, especially if it's one that keeps issues on the stands significantly past the "display until" date, and look for the issue with Margaret O'Brien on the cover.

First, though, you might want to return to the unofficial Kathryn Beaumont page.